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Jewelcrafting Crafting Calculators

To access to a specific item's crafting calculator page, just click on it's name. You can find further instructions on the calculator page. If you are looking to level up your Jewelcrafting skill, please visit our Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide page.

Elite Trial Replicas


Rise of the Angry Earth Named Replicas

Unique Barnacles and Black Powder Replicas
Unique Empyrean Forge Replicas
Unique Ennead Replicas
Unique Garden of Genesis Replicas
Unique Glacial Tarn Replicas
Unique Lazarus Instrumentality Replicas
Unique Tempest Heart Replicas

Secrets of the Spores

Refining Material Conversion

Timeless Shards - Constitution

Timeless Shards - Dexterity

Timeless Shards - Focus

Timeless Shards - Intelligence

Timeless Shards - Strength


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